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Five Things Friday

18 March 2011

Where did this week go?  It is Friday already?
  1. This weekend and the following are Maple Weekend.  If you are in the New York or the northeast check out your local Maple Producers.  We will be spending the weekend at Moore's Pancake House & Maple Shack helping out in the family business of making pure maple syrup and serving all you can eat pancakes!
  2. Last night was my long run.  8 miles were on the schedule. What did I do? 9.17 miles. This run also served as my run for the Shake your Shamrock Run hosted by Aneta at My Running Bucket.  Since this was a race, a race report will follow shortly. 
  3. Last night was power yoga.  It was quite painful being that I finished my run only an hour before class. But I powered through and completed the class (minus some moves that included bending my right knee).  Aleve is my friend this morning.
  4. I am still getting over this cold.  I have had it for well over a week and it will not go away.  I am down to a runny/stuffy nose and some pressure in my ears.  It is more annoying now than painful.
  5. Finally, it's Friday!  Even though the week went by quickly I am still excited for the weekend.

1 comment :

  1. Yoga AFTER that run! you are hardcore, woman!

    Have a great weekend!


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