My Life of Travels and Adventures: Book Review - The Lost Hours

Book Review - The Lost Hours

30 January 2011

The Lost Hours by Karen White  came to me as a Christmas present. The premise of this book is that "Every women should have a daughter to tell her stories to.  Otherwise, the lessons learned are useless as spare buttons from a discarded shirt.  And all that is left is a fading name and the shape of a nose or the color of the hair.  The men who write the history books will tell you the stories of battles and conquests.  But the women will tell you the stories of people's hearts."

Piper Mills discoveries several clues to her Grandmother's past after her death.  She decides to contact her Grandmother's childhood friend, Lillian.  Lillian at first claims not to know Piper's Grandmother, but after a lot of prodding and being faced with the memories of her past, she tells her Granddaughter and Piper the story of her past. 

Overall this book took some time to get into and was semi-predictable.  However there was one twist at the end that was unexpected.  

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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