My Life of Travels and Adventures: Oh, the places I have been... in 2006

Oh, the places I have been... in 2006

14 December 2010

So I have decided to go back through my pictures and post some from the vacations and trips that I/we have been on.  Starting in 2006 which was a hectic year for us. 

In April I was in Salt Lake City for work...
While I was there Neil was engagement ring shopping.  Needless to say we were engaged in April also.

There was a lack of travel but an abundance of wedding planning and house shopping.  We closed on our new house one month before our wedding.  

 We did stop by Niagara Falls the day before our wedding with some family and friends. 


Here is were you will notice that we did not take a honeymoon. Instead we completly gutted and remodeled out  kitchen.  However, we have been making up for it every year since taking a vacation on our anniversary!

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