My Life of Travels and Adventures: Complete Book of Women's Running

Complete Book of Women's Running

22 December 2010

I received this book for Christmas and have started reading it early.  I really enjoy the book and it gives some good pointers and has some enspiring quotes.  Last night I went out for a short run.  (Yay for being in the first week of my new training program).  Anyways, during the two miles that I ran I thought back through the book and the tips on breathing and posture.  I would say that it helped.  I didn't realize that I tense my toes and hold my hands in a tight tight fist while running.  By focusing on relaxing and breathing correctly, I was able to make it through the run without being sore or winded.  I only walked 3 times during the first mile (for 3 - 0.05 blocks) and ran the next 1.03 miles back home. Score!  I am exicted to read more of the book (I am only like 1/4 through it) and get more running tips.

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