My Life of Travels and Adventures: Book - Little Bee by Chris Cleave

Book - Little Bee by Chris Cleave

02 November 2010

So I just finished reading this book... I should say that I started reading it yesterday and finished it today.  It is a good thought provoking book.  I can't really tell you what it is about but the back of the book reads,  " This is the story of two women.  Their lives collide one fateful day, and one of them has to make a terrible choice, the kind of choice we hope we never have to face.  Two years later, they meet again - the story starts there... Once you read it, you'll want to tell your friends about it.  When you do, please don't tell them what happens.  The magic is in how the story unfolds."
All I can say is that I hope I never (or anyone I know) has to make that choice and if I do, I would hope I would do the same, but I cannot be sure.  

5 out of 5  

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